Beat The Heat With A Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation System.

Summers can get quite hot. You know how thirsty you get in the heat. Imagine how the plant feels in the same weather. Luckily, you can step into the house to get a sip of cold juice, but what about your garden. Crops get thirsty too because the soil dries up thrice as fast in summer. Bottle drip irrigation systems are the best way to keep your garden hydrated through the summer heat. 

Homemade bottle drip irrigation systems work well in small gardens or large plantations. Take a waste plastic bottle and cut the bottom. Make a hole in the bottle cap. Turn the bottle upside down, and bury the cap under the ground. Fill the bottle with water by pouring water into the open end. The bottle will release the water slowly through the hole supplying moisture for the roots.

You can buy empty plastic bottles or collect used bottles meant for recycling. You also reverse the technique by making holes at the bottom of the bottle. Bury the bottom part of the soil and remove the cap. The bottle will release water slowly through the holes at the bottom.

Bottle drip irrigation systems are among the cheapest methods because they use waste materials, a nail, string, and a little labor.

How do you get the drip bottle ready?

It would help if you had a sharp knife or a razor to get the bottle ready for drip irrigation. There are two ways to use the bottle. One way is to cut the bottom of the bottle. Then, turn the bottle upside down and make a hole in the cap. When you fill the bottle with water, it drips from the hole in the cap. Bury the bottle from the cap to about halfway to keep it stable once full of water.

bottle drip irrigation hole in bottle cap
Bottle drip irrigation

The second technique is to use a nail to poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle. The holes will release water in droplets into the soil. Because the holes are at the bottom, you have to remove the bottle cap to allow air in through the top.

You remove the cap because not doing so will make it impossible for water to drip out of the bottle. So as the water leaves through the hole, air comes in to fill the space left at the top.

bottle drip irrigation system holes at the bottom
Bottle with holes at the bottom

How do you use the bottle drip irrigation for planting

You have prepared your drip irrigation bottle. Now it’s time to put it to work. There are two common ways to use the drip irrigation bottle. First, you can bury the tiny holes under the ground. It is best to bury half the bottle in the ground to keep it from falling over due to wind or livestock.

The bottle needs to be buried close to the roots of the plant. In the summer, the soil dries up quickly. If your bottle is far from the roots, the water will be absorbed by the surrounding soil. As a result, most of the water will be lost.

bottle drip irrigation installed
How to bury the bottle
bottle drip irrigation system holes at the base
Bottle buried in the soil

The second method is to suspend the bottle on a string above the soil in the plant’s root area. To suspend the bottle, you will need a string and a stick, pipe, or metal rod to support the bottle. A stick or piece of wood might be the cheapest to find.

First, you make a hole in the bottle’s cap like you did above. Push the stick firmly into the ground anchor. Using the string, tie the bottle onto the stick. The hollow cap should face downwards, and the base of the bottle should also have a hole in it to release water slowly. Unlike the first technique, the entire bottom is not cut off because the bottle is suspended. Water will flow out of the bottle too quickly if you cut it off.

Suspended bottle

Benefits of bottle drip irrigation

  • You can water your plant for months using bottle drip irrigation, and you won’t feel the load weighing heavy on you.
  • You will use less water irrigating your garden in the summer than using an ordinary watering can. Because the water is released under the soil, it is not lost by evaporation such as water on the surface.
  • Bottle drip irrigation will reduce the number of trips you make watering the plants. However, once your bottle is full, the water in the bottle drops out slowly, so one bottle will last a long time.

What bottle can you use?

You can use any kind of plastic bottle for this project. Glass or used wine bottles are not recommended because you can’t cut or make holes. However, plastic bottles you might have recycled or saved from the trash will be ideal.  You’ll be saving the environment and plans in one go.

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Bottle drip irrigation works perfectly as an irrigation method to strengthen your crops during the hot summer. You can leave them in place during the other seasons too. There are many benefits such as reducing your workload and the amount of water used in the garden. You can either suspend or bury the bottle in the soil for irrigation. However, you might need extra materials and time to pull off the suspension. Plastic bottles are the best for bottle drip irrigation. Using recycled plastics bottles not only saves the environment but saves your crops too.

Here is some more information about bottle irrigation.

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